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The Navina Smart app – makes TAI easier

TAI is an individual therapy and to support your progress we’ve developed the Navina™ Smart App, allowing you to track and record your progress and settings, and gain insights about how to optimize your routine. With intuitive controls, logging your data takes just a few clicks.

The results can also be shared directly with your health care professional - the app is secure and only you can access how the information is shared.

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Your irrigation data

All data from your latest irrigation, such as balloon size, amount of water, water flow rate and duration time, can be transmitted to the Navina Smart app via Bluetooth.

Your rating

After each treatment you are asked to rate your irrigation and answer a few questions about the perceived quality of the irrigation.

Track your results

You can get your progress visualized in graphs or tables, sorted by time, water amount, balloon size and water flow rate.

Download the Navina Smart app for iOS/Android

Navina Smart App - Apple App Store Navina Smart App - GooglePlay